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So glad you could stop by! I'm Lily, and I am an educator, currently live in Atlanta. When I'm not teaching the minds of our young youth, I'm either home in front of the television, shopping, or out with my family. When I do go out, I like to mix every day pieces with the right accessories to elevate my style. Lap of Posh is a place for the every day woman. One who can be conservative but also chic and don't have to spend a ton of money to look good; but still look CLASSY and STYLISH in the process. A REFINED woman.

My blog is all about FASHION, LIFESTYLE, and BEAUTY; all the things that make me happy!

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5 Minimalist Must-Haves

I've been asked many times about where I shop and how do I know what pieces to put together to make what I have in my closet stylish. Since I work in education, most people feel as if teachers (even teachers themselves) have to look like teachers - you know - with a basic shirt, a smock of some sort, glasses, and a pair of sneakers or flats. While those items are essential for comfort as an educator on one's feet all day, it doesn't mean you can't be fashionable and STILL be a teacher. The same thing applies in other careers. Not everyone wants to be "flashy," with gold, and elaborate attire that draws attention to themselves. However, you can also be conservative but have a few items that when you wear them, you and others around you will take notice. It's all about balance.


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