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5 Minimalist Must-Haves

5 Minimalist Must-Haves

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I've been asked many times about where I shop and how do I know what pieces to put together to make what I have in my closet stylish. Since I work in education, most people feel as if teachers (even teachers themselves) have to look like teachers - you know - with a basic shirt, a smock of some sort, glasses, and a pair of sneakers or flats. While those items are essential for comfort as an educator on one's feet all day, it doesn't mean you can't be fashionable and STILL be a teacher. The same thing applies in other careers. Not everyone wants to be "flashy," with gold, and elaborate attire that draws attention to themselves. However, you can also be conservative but have a few items that when you wear them, you and others around you will take notice. It's all about balance.

So today, I'd like to talk about the 5 must have items all minimalists need in their wardrobe for work or play. These items are not costly, but are essential and can make you feel and look good! So, let's begin!

1. Signature Scent

Fragrance is the first layer of dressing, a woman's invisible body suit. - Donna Karan

Woman spraying perfume
Spraying perfume

Nothing elevates a mood more than fragrance. I love all scent types (fruity, floral, woody, and clean). Depending on what type of scent you love best, you could choose your signature scent. What is a signature scent? A signature scent is a fragrance that you wear daily. It's a scent that people will recognize you for when you walk into a room because that fragrance identifies with you even after you leave.

The next time you have the opportunity, go to a perfume counter at Macy's, Sephora, or Nordstrom and test out a few fragrance types. Don't just have them spray a few scents on a card and hand to you. Have them spray it directly on your skin (wrist or back of palm) and let it rest there a few minutes. The composition of the fragrance will change over time and allow you to see just which ones give you a "that's the one" feeling. Take the poll below on which fragrance type you like the most.

Which fragrance type suits you?

  • Fruity

  • Floral

  • Woody

  • Clean

You can vote for more than one answer.

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2. Blazer

A blazer can do so much to an outfit. It does not have to be paired with matching suit pants, either. Put a blazer with a cute dress or your favorite pair of jeans - you can even wear it with jean shorts. Just about any major clothing store/brand sells blazers in a variety of colors. I've linked a few blazers for you, depending on type (open front, one button, or double-breasted) below.

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3. Tote/Handbag

Depending on who are you, and what you do for a living, you may want to invest in a good work tote/handbag that can fit all of your essentials. For me, I carry a backpack for my laptop and paperwork. On the weekends, I carry sometimes a lighter tote like the one below for errands or lunch. However, I'm looking for a workhorse of a bag; something that is sturdy but not too bulky and looks stylish so when I leave work, and go play, I can still carry it. Here are a few I recommend below.

Lily posing with her tote bag
Lily with her Goyard St. Louis PM Tote

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4. White Shirt

I believe this is an item everyone can get with, but for the minimalist, it is definitely a must. A clean, crisp white shirt is universal with any outfit. It can be played up or down, and with the right accessories, you can go from day to night easily. I love to take one button down white shirt and put countless number of style options with it. You just can't go wrong with wearing it with jeans, shorts, a skirt, or even make it a shirt dress with a belt around it, depending on the length. Here are a few of my favorites below.

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5. Sunglasses

Lily posing with her sunglasses on
Lily in Quay sunnies

Finally, let's talk sunnies! Not only does a pair of sunglasses look stylish on the minimalist, but it's healthy for the eyes against UV rays. I, for one, have several pair of sunglasses in different brands and color ways depending on my mood and the look I want for the day. But you only need one pair. You can also get the pair you purchase with prescription lenses for those that need a little extra to see clearly. Here are a few different styles to choose from. You may even see the pair I'm wearing!

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Well, there you have it! The 5 must haves for minimalists. Start here to do more with less. Then work your way up from there. Either way, you will always look classy, stylish, and refined. Take care, babes!

Lily | Lap of Posh

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