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Developing a Healthy Purpose-Lifestyle Balance™

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I am used to writing from a very candid, transparent, girly fashion using inspiration and motivation, while nurturing those on the vicissitudes of womanhood. However, I believe it is more appropriate to start an article like this with a working knowledge of what the term, Purpose-Lifestyle Balance™, is and why it is important for women, especially those in business.

Purpose is one of the most mismanaged resources on the planet. Even though many people constitute purpose as one’s gifts and talents, purpose is so much deeper than that. Moreover, it contains one’s philosophy of purpose™ as well as one’s character. As each of you read these articles as time progress, you will learn more about these other two components in an attempt to help you turn purpose into your greatest resource.

Each of us live, work, and interact on a system called the “Wheel of Competition™”. It consists of your career, friends, family, physical needs, intellectual needs, and spiritual needs. All of them make up one’s purpose. If any of these six key areas are not balanced at any given time, people will find themselves struggling with an appetite for power instead of an appetite for purpose. Purpose is the driving force of everything we do. Without purpose, we only exist in a world void of substance and meaning. However, with purpose, we can not only tap into our unrealized potential through our existence, but also perform at a higher level.

The “Wheel of Competition™” represents the different spaces we occupy that must have a strong balance of purpose in order to win at the game of life. The biggest competitor in the game of life is you. Place special attention always on unleashing your own competitive spirit. People can push you all day long towards your goals and dreams, but purpose should cause an internal push towards achievement in every area of life. We define one’s competitive spirit as the ability to keep purpose in motion, to drive work ethics, and push the envelope of potential to win the game of life. This will in turn allow you to expand and grow organically to release a greater potential for achievement.

"The biggest competitor in the game of life is you."


Take into consideration that your goals, dreams, passions, and purpose will not hand over good to you unless you position yourself to accelerate them into your now. Writing them down and meditating on them is good, but putting them into action (even with small steps) is even better. I would like to share with you pertinent things you can do from the “Wheel of Competition” to help you live a healthy Purpose-Lifestyle Balance™.

  • Spiritually: Meditate on a higher power other than yourself. Learn the art of confession. Use the language of purpose to bring things into existence in your life.

  • Intellectually: Read more. Buying books in your field or books on success principles can help you in more areas than one. Be a lifelong learner. Do not go into anything with the attitude that you know it all. In order to be elevated in business or anything you desire, you must be willing to learn and accept advice from ones who have been there.

  • Physically: Get active. Exercise and eat healthier foods. Taking small steps towards your fitness goals will go a long way to a more purposeful life.

  • Family: Connecting to family is important to your purpose. Having their support and love goes a long way and allows you to focus more on your goals when you have them working for you and not against what you do. Your children will also be willing to help you when they know you love them but focus on achieving your goals not just for you but to create a lasting legacy for them as well.

  • Friends: Strive to have purposeful relationships. You can keep continuity in your relationships by following up with them through calls, emails, or face-to-face time. This keeps those close to you happy and your support system in tact at all times.

  • Career: When in doubt, do without. You do not have to have everything from A-Z to launch anything. Basic framework and a product and you are ready to go. Go to seminars in your field and ask questions. Come with a recorder or notepad ready to take some serious notes. Do not get around those only in technology if you need resources now in finance. In other words, connect with people who will only have the exact resources you need for your business.

This are not an exhaustive list, but definitely enough for you to get a good grasp of how important a healthy Purpose-Lifestyle Balance™ can be for every area of your life and business.

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